Artikel jeg faldt over: Save time and costs with Foss chemical analysis

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When conducting chemical analysis Foss patented technology is the best possible way to go. Foss has for many years been globally renowned for rapid, reliable and dedicated analytical solutions.

Foss offers a range of solutions for chemical analysis, amongst the different solutions is the ”sample mill”, which is an often overlooked part of any chemical analysis. However this link is a crucial part of getting good results. When conducting analysis the preparation of the samples decides the outcome, and badly prepared samples can result in analytical errors.

Foss offers different kinds of sample mills used for different purposes: Both traditional wet chemistry and near infrared analysis: The Cemotec™ 1090 Sample Mill crushes the sample through grinding to discs, The Cyclotec™ 1093 Sample Mill works through the high speed “cyclone principle”, The Knifetec which contains a cooling chamber for preventing fat sticking to the wall of the mill as well as the 2094 and 2097 Homogenizers which provide a reproducible degree of homogenization through a powerful high-speed cutting action.

The MilkoScan™ FT2 for milk analysis is also a infrared analyzer.

Foss sample mills are created to ensure the highest levels of reliability and reproducibility and the mills are an indispensable part of any sample based chemical analysis.

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