Where to find complete solutions?

By on 20. Jun 2013 in Videnskab | 0 comments

When you work at a laboratory, where is very many machines to use. And that is not as simple as it sounds. These machines are very specialized in analyzing, and especially the ones doing chemical testing is complicated to use – at least once upon a time, it was. Because, luckily, time has changed, and companies like FOSS has worked on and developed a very good testing machine for chemistry analysis. It is called the Soxhlet, Kjeldahl, Weende and van Soest wet chemistry reference methods, and lately they have been improved radically, they write on their website. The good thing about FOSS is, that they both specialize in chemical analysis, fiber analysis, milk analysis and testing on all of it as well. In this way, you can get a complete solution for your laboratory and not only get some of the testing gear from one company, and some of it from another. That usually complicates the things about having a laboratory, you have to buy all your equipment different places, and it can be quite a problem to mix those machines in one laboratory. With FOSS that is no problem, you just talk to them about what you need and they deliver it – very...